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Wilson Starter Play (Stage 1) 18x 4 Ball Tube In A Box

Art.-Nr. 0072300156100000

Wilson Starter Play (Stage 1) 18x 4 Ball Tube In A Box
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  • Description

    Wilson Starter Play (Stage 1) 18x 4 Ball Tube In A Box

    18x Wilson Tennis Balls Starter Play (Stage 1) 4 Ball Tube

    The ideal ball for beginners.

    The Starter Play (stage1) is the perfect ball for beginners and school children. This quality ball is produced by Wilson.

    The Starter Play tennis ball from Wilson is ideal for all beginners. The ball being 14% lighter than regular balls enables school children to play perfectly with this ball.

    The tennis ball Starter Play from Wilson is ITF tested and exhibits excellent quality. The tennis ball is 25% slower than other balls, this means you have the advantage of being able to practice problem strokes.

    Get your Starter Play tennis ball - a ball which is suitable for all players!

    • especially light and slow.
    • excellent quality.
    • 4 balls in each can.
    • suitable for beginners and children.

    Product details
    Product Number 0072300156100000
    Product type Play and Stay ball
    Gender Kids
    1st Colour yellow
    Features Play and Stay
    ITF Approved
    Training balls
    Stage 1
    Packing unit, sub-unit 18 PCS
    Packing unit 1 Carton
    Unit Price 1.29 £/STCK.
    RRP 121.90 £