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Yonex VCore Tennis Rackets

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Add spin to your serve with the Yonex VCore series

Yonex boasts a long and prestigious history in the sport of tennis. Established at the end of the second world war, the company has been involved in many firsts for the sport. In 1980, it introduced the world's first isometric tennis rackets, and in 1982, its superlight R-7 become the first tennis racket to be used in victories at both the French Open and Wimbledon. Known as a company with a voracious appetite for new technologies, Yonex has constructed their VCore series of rackets around a number of new developments aimed at creating a tennis racket that delivers an incredible amount of spin. The idea is that this will allow players to drive power shots high over the net and down into the opponent's forecourt, drastically minimizing the margin for error when it comes to reaction time. A new development known as Aero Fin Technology is responsible for the increased level of spin-production. It consists of intricately designed grooves that are positioned on the inside and outside of the frame's head. As well as contributing to spin, this results in a reduction in air resistance and a faster stroke speed.

A legacy in the making

While the Yonex VCore selection is relatively new to the marketplace, it has already started making waves. Stan Wawrinka used a Yonex VCore Tour G330 racket to win both the Australian Open and the Monte Carlo open in the space of just a few months. With its refined technology and smart setup, it is easy to see why the racket is lending itself to great performances. Aside from the advanced aerodynamics, the series also offers a very large sweet spot enabled by the isometric shape of the frame. This allows players to consistently deliver the kind of power that is a necessity when taking on the highest levels of modern tennis. A new kind of graphite is also employed to allow for supple yet stable flex and a fast frame snapback. Combine this with a grommet system set up to deliver efficient energy transfer and you have a racket that allows for fast and spin-filled returns and an aggressive style of play.

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